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Talent Acquisition

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Talent Acquisition

A dynamic force behind sourcing and onboarding top tech talent

TIU Consulting holds a prominent position as an industry leader in IT and .Net pro developer sourcing. We specialize in digital transformation, cybersecurity & DevSecOps, software development, data science, and AI, serving diverse staffing needs like contracting, full-time positions, or project-based requirements. Committed to excellence, we dedicate ourselves to delivering comprehensive solutions for software development recruitment. Our wide range of services caters to the distinct needs of our clients, embodying a holistic approach that covers every aspect of the recruitment process.

Our Process

Analysis, Recruitment, Qualify, Source & Select

Qualification Differentiation

Advertise the role requirements on appropriate platforms to attract a diverse pool of qualified candidates. Utilize the TIU Framework to assess candidates, filtering out uninterested individuals based on their technical skills, communication abilities, teamwork and collaboration aptitude, leadership potential, diversity awareness, and empathy.

What are your needs?

Onshore Hiring

TIU has access to an extensive network of software development professionals, enabling us to recruit techs and

Offshore Hiring

We address the concerns associated with offshore staffing by offering infrastructure to bridge communication gaps,

Contract to Hire

As an industry-leading IT staff augmentation provider, we leverage our software development

Direct Hire

With an impressive conversion rate, approximately 75% of TIU's contract-to-hire

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