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This client operates entertainment venues for axe throwing and escape rooms. Open to amateurs and serious professionals, the client wants to enhance the experience to the gaming and social media savvy players. They engaged TIU to digitally transform this physical world throwing sport into a new digital world experience.

This client is a medical product and device reseller primarily focused on a dedicated eCommerce website as well as selling on multichannel market places. This medical provider’s goal is to provide the best world class purchasing experience using website innovations including internal and external user education and product selection tools that utilize AI and machine learning, as well as app integration for those repeat customers. And to use the traditional purchasing methods as well as use of the new and emerging payment options. They were looking to grow the eCommerce business with both business and end user customers.

Project Goals

The goal of this project was to provide best-in-class post- production photo editing services to our client’s customer base, with minimum cost and lightening-quick turn-around time. Simple, easy-to-use interface required.

Project Results

TIU has developed efficient and simple to use OES systems for this client that have resulted in higher levels of customer satisfaction and increased sales:

More customer confidence in using platform due to enhanced GDPR standards on all website.

Updated systems properly utilize daily production limits set by the production team, allowing for a quick turn-around delivery of services.

Platform is more easily integrated with CRM and other marketing tools, increasing customers success with using client's photo editing services. Drives directly to higher sales for our client, and increased levels of referral business.