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Agile Transformation

Tailoring strategies for enhanced flexibility and efficiency

Agile Transformation

Unlocking speed and innovation for your business

Executives are being asked to prioritize IT budgets and transform the organization to have an edge in this highly competitive market and keep up with the digital footprint. Most companies have already taken the step to transform and be more Agile; whether they chose to focus on Lean principles and adapt a framework like SAFe or use other popular approaches. But we notice that most companies have not achieved that goal of transformation and have fallen behind, disappointed or have “Agile Fatigue”. Most have not met their goals for market competitiveness and predictability.

At TIU Consulting we recognize this issue and we have tailored our approach. We meet our clients where they are and do quick short cycle assessments to understand the challenges ( People, Process & Technology) of the clients and recommend incremental approaches for quick wins & alignment. We believe that change is inevitable and that incremental changes are more powerful than rapid and large changes that are disruptive and can cause organizational distress.

Our vision and philosophy

Our goal is to work with and help our clients to adapt incrementally to a better future state. We will provide the necessary expertise, support in the areas of Organizational Change, Business Agility, Engineering Excellence, DevSecOps to deliver better outcomes. We use focused workshops, Assessments, Training to establish a path forward for quick wins and long term organizational success.

What services do we offer?

Serving the industry leaders

Value Stream Mapping
We analyze your current workflows to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Moving from Project based approaches to a more Product/Platform/Services based approach in each area of the Value Stream.
Team and Leadership Training
Comprehensive training sessions for teams and leaders are crucial. We equip them with the necessary Agile methodologies and mindset shifts needed to drive the transformation effectively.
Structural Reorganization
We assist in reorganizing around value streams with cross functional long standing teams that work well over time and deliver high velocity
For organizations looking to scale, we implement frameworks like SAFe (Scaled Agile Framework) that facilitate the adoption of Agile practices across larger, more complex projects and teams. We use a step by step approach with embedded coaching so that we can ensure that we make the right adjustments for its success
We would help to setup or re-align Portfolio Management structures Lean approaches and streamline Cultural shifts, Training calendars, Budgeting, Value Management Office, Agile CoE etc to better shape the operationalizing the Agile teams and Trains
We have tried and tested optimized team models that have worked well for many companies. Especially with Offshore and Onshore Dev and QA that enhances the working time together effectively

Why are these services important?

success story

We understand that the success of your website lies in creating a positive user experience. By prioritizing the needs of people and their interactions with your website, we ensure an optimal blend that delivers the best of both worlds.

Comprehensive Training and Certification

Our team consists of top-rated trainers with extensive experience in all Agile courses, including SAFe certifications. Training plays a crucial role in embedding Agility within an organization, ensuring a shared vocabulary, mutual understanding, and solid establishment of Agile processes.

Individuals trained in Agile become pivotal voices and ambassadors within their respective areas, actively driving and championing the transformational change across the company.

DevSecOps and AI-Enhanced Solutions

Optimizing security and efficiency

At TIU Consulting, we recognize the evolving challenges of digital delivery in a high-speed, security-conscious world. Our DevSecOps services are unique where we address the mindset of operating in a Flow efficient manner and then focus on the right tools in the organization. We do Flow metrics and assessments to identify challenges in Releases

DevSecOps approach

We approach DevSecOps implementation with a tailored strategy that respects your organization’s unique culture and goals. Our phased approach includes:
  • Initial assessments and alignment on DevSecOps principles.
  • Building and automating CI/CD pipelines with various Shift Left strategies.
  • Extensive training and alignment of teams to ensure a smooth transition from traditional project management to agile product-based approaches.
  • Ongoing evaluations and adjustments to maintain and enhance system effectiveness.

Let's innovate, scale, and succeed together.

Discover more about our consulting services, training courses, and additional offerings. Contact us today for a complimentary initial consultation.

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