Where Talent, Integrity, and User-centricity leads the way

Who We Are

Tech visionaries and talent champions, bringing the future to your business today

Our Story

Over 20 years of bringing smart ideas to life

Founded in 2003, TIU Consulting began its journey as a pioneering software development company with a clear mission: to bring your smart ideas to life. Over the course of nearly 20 years, we have evolved and expanded, reaching remarkable milestones along the way. With a proud history of over 315 successfully completed initiatives and the trust of more than 400 satisfied clients, TIU stands as a testament to dedication and innovation in the tech industry.

Pioneering our domain, we’ve harnessed cutting-edge tech like augmented reality, AI, and IoT. These innovations underpin our solutions, delivering unparalleled outcomes for all scales of organizations. Evolving from software to industry leadership, our journey showcases constant innovation, strategic growth, and steadfast client commitment. Looking ahead, we’re devoted to pushing limits and providing tangible value through digital transformation, talent acquisition, and AI-powered advancements.

Our Values

Talent, Integrity & User-centricity

Our Methodology

Enhancing agility through transparent and swift improvements

Agile Scrum is a collaborative and iterative approach that enables us to adapt and respond to changing project requirements and deliverables. Our team works closely with clients to define and prioritize project goals and create a product backlog.

We then break down the work into smaller, manageable tasks called user stories and assign them to specific sprints, typically lasting 1-2 weeks. At the end of each sprint, we conduct a sprint review to gather feedback and insights from stakeholders. This iterative process allows us to continually refine and improve the product, ensuring it meets the client’s expectations.

Why do we use Agile Scrum ?

Flexibility and Adaptability

Agile Scrum allows for flexibility in responding to changing requirements and priorities. The iterative nature of the methodology allows teams to quickly adapt and adjust their approach based on customer feedback or market shifts. This flexibility ensures that the final product meets the evolving needs of the stakeholders.

Continuous Improvement

This methodology fosters a culture of continuous improvement. After each sprint, the team conducts a retrospective to reflect on the process and identify areas for improvement. This feedback loop allows the team to make adjustments, refine their practices, and optimize productivity and quality throughout the development lifecycle.

Increased Transparency

The use of product backlogs, sprint planning, and visual tools allow all stakeholders to have visibility into the progress and status of the project. This transparency promotes trust, facilitates effective decision-making, and allows for early identification of potential issues or bottlenecks.

Faster Time to Market

The principles of agile manifesto emphasize delivering increments of working software at the end of each sprint. This iterative approach enables faster time to market, as valuable features are continuously developed and released to end-users. The ability to prioritize and deliver the most critical functionality early in the project ensures that the product can start generating value sooner.

Our Process

Discover, Strategize, Solve, Develop, Test, & Launch

One-on-One Discovery & Consultation Sessions


TIU goes beyond surface-level understanding, diving deep into your business to comprehensively map out workflows and align them with future goals, resulting in tailored solutions that address unique challenges and set the path to success.

Strategy & Solution Design


With a thorough grasp of your needs, we initiate the design, prototyping, and user testing of your platform. Our adept team collaborates to craft intuitive designs that align with your brand, while iterative prototyping and user testing guarantee an optimal user experience.



After your approval, our 3-stage development process begins, utilizing a speed-to-market sprint approach for faster iteration and delivery. With open communication, our team creates clean, industry-aligned code, keeping you updated to ensure the final product surpasses your expectations.

Testing and QA


We implement a data-driven testing process, conducting comprehensive QA testing at every development stage to ensure functionality, performance, and user experience. Our meticulous approach guarantees a robust, stable end product, instilling confidence in its performance and enhancing user satisfaction.

Launch and Warranty


After receiving your approval, our dedicated team initiates the seamless transition of your product to live production environments, deploying it strategically to ensure a successful launch with minimal disruptions. Our goal is to empower you to introduce your product to the market confidently.

Ongoing Support & Customer Service


We emphasize continuous improvement for sustained product success, providing comprehensive ongoing maintenance, optimization, and real-time support to promptly address issues and bugs, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum user satisfaction. Our holistic approach helps you maintain a competitive edge and achieve ongoing product success.