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Clinical Biometrics

Gain a strategic advantage in understanding and leveraging your data for pivotal clinical development decisions.

Clinical Biometrics

At TIU Consulting, we specialize in delivering comprehensive and results-oriented data management, technical programming, medical coding, clinical biostatistics, and programming services, empowering sound, data-driven decisions for our clients.

Our seasoned team of experts offers valuable insights in trial design, recommends optimal statistical methodologies, and provides proficient programming to ensure the efficiency and timely completion of your projects.

Leveraging industry-standard software, we conduct meticulous data analysis, adhering to the highest standards in the tech consulting domain. With a commitment to comprehensive solutions, we enable your technological endeavors with precision and effectiveness.

What services do we offer?

Serving the industry leaders

Navigate the complexities of trial design and statistical methodologies with our expert biostatisticians, providing valuable insights to optimize the statistical aspects of your clinical projects.
Streamline your clinical data processes with our robust data management services, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and efficiency in the collection, validation, and storage of crucial trial information.
Benefit from our proficient programming team, skilled in utilizing cutting-edge technologies to develop customized solutions for clinical data processing, analysis, and reporting.
Ensure precision and consistency in medical coding with our specialized team, delivering accurate coding services for clinical data to meet regulatory standards and facilitate seamless data integration.
Harness the power of industry-standard programming with our SAS experts, facilitating advanced data analysis, visualization, and reporting to meet the highest standards in the field of clinical biometrics.
Stay ahead in the dynamic landscape of clinical trials with our adaptive design expertise, allowing for real-time adjustments based on emerging data trends, ultimately enhancing the efficiency and success of your clinical development projects.


Expert Team of Biostatisticians and Professionals

A successful biometrics team requires a diverse set of skills and expertise. Biostatisticians form the backbone of the team, providing statistical guidance for trial design, data analysis, and interpretation. Collaborating with skilled programmers ensures the development of effective data management solutions and accurate programming for statistical analysis. Data managers play a vital role in ensuring the integrity and quality of the collected data, while standards professionals focus on maintaining data consistency and compliance with industry standards.


Our Strengths and Achievements

Agile-Driven Process

With our application development process guided by Agile principles, we simplify the planning, defining, and estimating of tasks while providing flexibility for necessary adjustments. By embracing Agile methodologies, we ensure efficient project management and deliver high-quality results that meet your evolving needs.

Maximum Usability

By understanding your requirements and objectives, we can craft a tailored design and develop the app using the most suitable programming language. Our goal is to ensure maximum usability, delivering a seamless and intuitive user experience. Let us bring your app idea to life and create a solution that meets your needs effectively.

Interactive & Innovative Design

We view app ideas as more than just wire frames; our approach involves envisioning and creating prototypes that bring us closer to the final design. By focusing on intuitive designs, we breathe life into app ideas, enhancing the overall user experience they offer.

Thorough Teamwork

Collaborating closely with you, we will create a sophisticated mobile application that aligns with your company's objectives and technology goals. Together, we'll ensure that the app meets your specific requirements and delivers a solution tailored to your business needs.

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