Post-Production Photo Editing OES Systems

This client is a multi-lingual company that offers web-based, post-production photo editing services. These services are offered through an online order entry system that allows customers use to upload and submit photographs for editing. This client offers its services through websites in the English language as well as in German (for European customers). They came to TIU Consulting in need of efficient, customer-friendly ordering and uploading systems compatible with a variety of CRM and marketing software platforms.

Project Goals

The goal of this project was to provide best-in-class post- production photo editing services to our client’s customer base, with minimum cost and lightning-quick turn-around time. Simple, easy-to-use interface required.
This client needed to develop a platform to assist their customers with post-production photograph editing services, so that customers can concentrate on their business & marketing and leave all editing needs to our client.
Websites needed to be available in two languages; English and German. This was necessary to cater to European and other international customers.

Project Results

TIU has developed efficient and simple to use OES systems for this client that have resulted in higher levels of customer satisfaction and increased sales:

  • More customer confidence in using platform due to enhanced GDPR standards on all website.
  • Updated systems properly utilize daily production limits set by the production team, allowing for a quick turn-around delivery of services.
  • Platform is more easily integrated with CRM and other marketing tools, increasing customers success with using client's photo editing services. Drives directly to higher sales for our client, and increased levels of referral business..

Project Challenges

Systematized utilization of production limits needed to be built into software to minimize customer turnaround time.
The client needed a more reliable and efficient uploader so that customers could easily upload their images for editing.
Because this client works with a large number of resellers, it was imperative to put an easy, intuitive workflow in place to maintain this line of business.
Client needed systems in place that were compatible with an array of CMS/ERP systems, so that they could be used for marketing purposes.

Actions Taken

Updated order entry system for customers to submit their photographs for various editing services with a simple, easy to use workflow.
Updated CRM website integration for referral marketing opportunities.
Two new OES were built for this client; one in English (JTW JEnco Tech Wedding) and a second system in the German language for European customer s (PIG).
The PIG OES system takes care of all the requirements associated with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which is regulated by European Union (EU).

Solution Process


New JQuery Uploader

TIU developed a new JQuery-based uploader which has enhanced efficiency and ease of use. This uploader is used by all customers to upload images and order services.


Simplifed Workflow

Designed a simple workflow to maintain resellers business. The process for adding new resellers has been simplified, requiring minimal coding skills to complete the task. This simplified workflow still allows each reseller to maintain its own distinct design & theme.


New OES Systems

Two new OES were built for this client; one in English (JTW JEnco Tech Wedding) and a second system in the German language for European customers (PIG).


CRM & Third Party Tool Integration

Implemented CRM and third party tools to sync up OES data. CRM integration with websites (i.e. Vtiger, Active Campaign). Viral Loops referral marketing system. Third party API integration with websites like CANdiy community, BPP community etc. Custom integration of payment gateways like PayPal, Braintree, Eway.

Digital Tools & Technologies

PHP, MYSQL, JQuery, Code Igniter & Bootstrap

Future Plans


Implementation of Advanced Security features

Data security upgrades are planned. Production teams currently have access to customer data that is unnecessary to their work. Plans are in place hide all the confidential customer data from the production team. Only the customer support and super admins will have access to full customer data.

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