TIU Consulting: Your One-Stop Shop for Software Developers on a Direct-Hire Basis

Are you struggling to find the right talent for your software development project? Tired of the long, tedious process of sifting through resumes and conducting countless interviews just to come up empty?
At TIU Consulting, we understand how difficult finding high-quality software developers can be. That's why we connect you with the best developers in the industry—all in one place. 

Industry Leading Direct-Hire Recruiting Services

With TIU Consulting, you can say goodbye to wasting time and resources in the search for a perfect developer. We started as a dev company ourselves, so we know what it takes to source qualified developers. 
Our ability to find high-quality techs starts during our vetting stage, where every prospect goes through an extensive testing period. From there, we take the highest performers and provide real-time video interviews, so you can be sure you’re making the right choice for your company. 

Connect With The Best Developers In The Industry

 With TIU’s extensive network of developers, it’s never been easier to find the perfect fit for your business.

Take Your Business to the Next-Level with TIU’s Software Engineer Recruitment

 From Fortune 500 companies to SMB’s, TIU’s ability to find software developers is perfect for any business. That’s why organizations looking to take their operations to the next level use TIU’s software developers on a direct-hire basis. Our approach to IT recruiting provides the following advantages: 

More Control Over the Hiring Process

Unlike other contract staffing agencies where you have little say in the selection process, we offer a more hands-on approach. With TIU’s direct-hire recruiting services, our thorough vetting and interview stages helps ensure your new techs fit with your team and company culture. Even better, we offer both onshore and offshore staffing solutions, enabling you to choose from a wide range of qualified developers. 

Lower Cost in the Long Run

While contract staffing solutions seem like a cheaper option upfront, they often come with hidden fees and markups. These costs add-up over time, and before long, you could be paying the same amount for a temporary developer. However, sourcing software developers through a direct-hire agency like TIU means you pay a fixed, one-time placement fee. Even better, you’re able to negotiate a salary directly with our candidates, which results in substantial savings over the long term.

Improved Retention Rates

Generally speaking, contract-based employees tend to explore other opportunities once their contract is up, which can disrupt productivity and throw project timelines off-track. On the other hand, TIU’s direct-hire employees are here to stay with your company for the long-term, investing in the success of your business and doing whatever it takes to reach those goals. 

Enhanced Company Culture

Time and time again, we hear the same anecdote: TIU’s direct-hire employees assimilate well with the team, and contribute to a positive company culture. Sourcing software developers on a direct-hire basis is vital to increasing the morale of not only your IT department, but your business as a whole.

What Can TIU Do for You?

Simply put, TIU knows what makes good talent. Thanks to our seven levels of screening, you kick off your interview stages with a qualified pool of candidates, which streamlines the entire hiring process. 

Finding expert software developers on a direct-hire basis has never been easier. Get in touch with our helpful team to learn more, and discover the TIU difference

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