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Web Design & Development Methodologies

TIU Scrum Project Management

Designing applications, web sites and apps on time, on budget and meeting customer expectations requires a disciplined use of a software development methodology. TIU’s staff is trained in the use of Scrum is an agile method to manage project development, primarily a framework that guides the project.

TIU works with the product owner to create the customer prioritized feature list, which is referred to as the product backlog. The TIU ScrumMaster then leads the daily scrum meeting, or sprint, to ensure team coordination and collaboration. These daily meetings set the direction and focus for the day.

Often the daily Scrum meeting includes the product owner (client) through WebEx or Skype to allow for the client’s iterative requirements and ever evolving needs of the project.

TIU Wireframing and Prototyping

TIU places a special emphasis on wireframing and prototyping. We consider this core process as one of our strengths of the software development life cycle. Before any project development, TIU engineers do a proper wireframing of the project using various advanced tools like Balsamiq. The client is presented with an illustrative wireframe allowing for evaluation and modifications. Wireframing immensely improves the ability of the client to clearly understand the planned features and functions before code is even written. Once approved by the client, the development work begins.

Our SDLC involves a number of steps; requirements gathering, project planning, proper wireframing, development, unit testing, system integration testing, thorough QA testing, user acceptance testing and finally product launch.

Another TIU strength and an integral part of our development process is a specialized QA testing service. Every product prior to launch is thoroughly tested with a dedicated QA team.

Please check our specialized QA offerings.