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The corporate landscape operates at a break-neck pace. Eventually, it’s likely that you’ll have to outsource tasks to stay competitive. TIU Consulting specializes in onshore staffing solutions, giving you on-demand access to certified technicians with experience in:

  • IoT Build-Outs
  • Mobile and Website Development
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Custom Development
  • UI/UX Development
  • .NET Development
  • Database Development
  • Administration
  • Project Management
  • Web Design

Thanks to our wide range of capabilities, you can rest assured knowing our developers can tackle whatever challenges your project may bring.

Why Partner With TIU?

Businesses around the globe use our nearshore staffing solutions. Here are some of the reasons why:

We Source Qualified Technicians

TUI Consulting began as a software development firm, so we know firsthand how to source top talent. We take pride in the quality of our technicians, which is why every applicant undergoes a detailed, live testing phase. Once we've assessed their capabilities, we select the top performers and set up video interviews so you can know exactly who you're talking to.

Accelerate Your Project’s Time to Market

At TIU, our talent pool consists of hundreds of professional developers with several years of real-world experience. By combining our best-in-class talent with an outcome-based approach, we’re able to deliver innovative and scalable solutions, all while accelerating your project’s time to market.

Our Proven Process Produces Results

On every project, we follow nine phases to provide you with industry-leading solutions:

  1. Understanding Project Goals
  2. Allocation Stages
  3. Prospect Sourcing
  4. Internal Vetting
  5. Internal Evaluation
  6. Profile Submission
  7. Interview Scheduling
  8. On-Boarding Process
  9. Continual Communication

Proof of our process’ success is displayed in TUI’s conversion rate. While other staffing agencies only see about 20% of their candidates hired, we average a 75% onboarding rate, largely due to the quality of our internal vetting stage.

Bring Your Ideas to Life with TIU Consulting

Need a qualified developer to make your project vision a reality? TIU’s onshore staffing services can help. Reach out to our experts to get started.

The Advantages of Domestic Staffing Services For Development Projects

Enterprises across the globe share a common goal: improving profitability. When it comes to tech budgets, providing the resources, infrastructure, and technology to develop internal software projects adds up. Businesses leverage the advantages of onshore staffing services because they’re a cost-effective way to access qualified candidates—sometimes right from your own backyard. Simply put, onshore staffing delivers two key competitive advantages:

  • Real-Time Collaboration: Let's face it, the farther out of the country you go, the greater the time differential will be. With onshore staffing, one of the greatest benefits is the guarantee that you’ll share business hours, which streamlines communication for all parties involved.
  • Shared Cultural Affinity: Proper communication through each stage in the development process is essential to your overall success. In some cases, when you take your staffing overseas, you risk language barriers putting the brakes on your project. However, with onshore staffing solutions, your teams can collaborate without the fear of miscommunication or slowed response times, which correlates with a higher-quality project.

What Can TIU Do for You?

With TIU Consulting’s expert developers only a click away, access to high-quality, dependable software support has never been easier. Fill out the contact form below, and tell us your project vision.

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