Internet of Things (IOT)


IoT is here! Are you ready to be part of the future?

You’ve heard of it and wonder how you can have your website or devices interacting with the estimated 50 billion IoT-enabled devices world-wide by 2020. TIU Consulting can get you there.

In 3 years the IoT market has more than doubled and that pass will continue. Those companies that execute the proper website and smart device designs will reap the benefits.

Why do you need to find the right design partner like TIU?

  • The complexity of website design becomes deeper and more complex.
  • Quality control and testing of all aspects of the IoT functions; clean interface, device communication, network configuration, managing the server and flexibility of design to work with many devices that would potentially be connected.
  • Expertise to design a robust back end framework using solutions such as KAA IoT, Open Hab, Lelylan, Open Remote, Eclipse for a secure user database for the data shared with each IoT device.
  • User experience will become crucial and as mobile device interfaces become more dominate the interface will need to be simple and easily functional on any mobile device regardless of screen size.
  • Efficiency of the design will play an important role in the user experience to keep loading speed high while simultaneously communicating and data sharing with the IoT devices.
  • Security needs to be designed in from the start of development.