Taking Retail Automation and Shopping Convenience to the Next Level

Al & loT Powered Smart Retail Solution


  • Mobile Application
  • Web Application
  • Automation Warehouse Application

What is Go2Future?

Designed for any retailer, Go2Future is a fully-automatic store that integrates in-store Sensor Fusion and Al technology.

It aims at enhancing a customer’s shopping experience by excluding fiat currency as a payment choice. This all-in-one technology platform includes multi-person tracking, real-time product recognition, and live inventory tracking.

Issues with conventional grocery stores

    • Scarcity of skilled workforce to guide customers
    • Maintenance and workforce training costs
    • Handling heavy baskets and products while scanning
    • Long queues while billing and checkout

How does Go2Future work?



  • Sense the changes and send the information to a computer
  • Volumetric sensors to track products
  • Customized sensors to track inventories
  • Track and report mismanagement of products
  • Use converters and microprocessors


  • High definition and multi-functional camera system
  • Dynamic range, resolution an low light performance
  • Product identification and movement tracking
  • Pattern recognition techniques to scan user activities

Network and Configuration

  • Connect and configured AI units
  • 1GBPSLAN wired topology
  • Synchronizes information about users , products and carts
  • Web based panels to save settings for the cameras, sensor units, and zone mapping

User Management API System

  • Sets up data centre and infrastructure to process information
  • Receives QR code data to authenticate users
  • Utilizes specialized sensors and user tracking data to add products to their virtual cart
  • Detects fraud and notifies via the monitoring panel
  • Track and notifies about inventory via health monitor

Check In and Check Out

  • Dedicated mobile application for customers
  • QR code scanner to authenticate users
  • User recognition and tagging via computer vision
  • Unique User ID to track activity until checkout
  • Add product to virtual cart, generate bills, and payment options

Data Analysis

  • Shelf storage, product catalogue classification, and merchandise planning
  • Demand forecasting, dynamic pricing, and optimization
  • Retail theft detection and prevention
  • Assembles real time view of customer engagement
  • Prescriptive and predictive data analysis via recommendations engine
  • Personalized and customer driven marketing


Mobile Application

Automation Warehouse Application

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