Business Intelligence & Analytics Services

We have partnered with Cleveland based educators dedicated to helping companies realize thevalue and full potential of their business data. A lot of hype surrounds Business Intelligence/Analytics. We understand what analytics can accomplish and more importantly, its limitations. BI &analytics is not a substitute for management. However, it can be the most valuable asset contained in their business information system. Invite us to your company for a free consultation and let us begin a conversation with you about your BI &analytical needs. No company is too small for us to call on or benefit from BI &analytics.

For a free, initialconsultation, “Contact Us” and set up an appointment for us to visit you. You will receive a phone call from us to finalize our meeting. Below is a list of analytical services we can provide.

Visualizing and Exploring Data

Whatever type of analytics project you plan on implementing, it should always begin with data description, exploration, and visualization. This is the initial step where you learn about your data and visualize basic relationships between variables. In fact, sometimes you can learn enough in this preliminary step that more complex forms of analysis are unnecessary.
What can we answer “What happened”?
Outcomes “Find business opportunities”
Tools: BI, Reporting, Dashboards


Predictive Analytics: Data mining and Forecasting

To successfully manage any process, you must learn how it works and be able to predict the outcomes of your choices. This is what explanation and predictive analytics allows you to do. For Example:“I want to know what are the main drivers behind customer complaints (i.e. explain customer complaints) so that I can initiate policies that mitigate them (i.e. predictive analytics)”. Predictive analytics allows us to look a past data to predict the future.
What can we answer “Why is it happening and What willhappen”?
Outcomes “Predictions about the future
Tools: Data Mining and Forecasting

Data Mining: Often businesses are so swamped with data that it is difficult to know where to begin analyzing it. Some businesses are generating reams of data per second on hundreds if not thousands of variables. How can management make sense of it all?Data mining is a host of techniques that troll through your data looking for meaningful relationships and hidden pattern that management can exploit.

Forecasting: Almost every company collects data over time (e.g. monthly sales revenue, daily website hits, daily closing price, etc.) called as ‘time series data. Based on the data’s time series pattern can we forecast with reasonable accuracy what sales revenue will be next month? This is the work of forecasting and it is a critical function of organizational planning. In forecasting, we are projecting a time series based on its history.